Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everything's coming up garlic

Happy St. Patty's day, food lovers! (While I am not, in fact, Irish, this did not keep me from attending my friend Bobby's annual Irish Breakfast this weekend. Nothing like eggs and whiskey at 10am on a Saturday.) Today I celebrate all things green....

I awoke this morning to bright, if not overly warm sunshine. As I got ready for work, I made a quick check on the plants in starter trays: hollyhocks and broccoli are in the lead, parsley's finally sprouted, the ruby chard and various tomatoes are well-represented, the bagdad long melons are looking sharp, the peppers are thus far no-shows. On my way out, I walked past my humble garden plot and lo! Everything's coming up garlic! (I attribute the growth spurt to the nutrient-rich worm castings I sprinkled around a few weeks ago.) There are a couple dozen hardy shoots out there. That squirrel on the fence better not be getting any ideas....

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