Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a day to have my hands in the dirt

One of the things I love about my job(s) is the flexibility to work somewhat on my own schedule. So when days like this past Friday happen, I'm out there with my hands in the dirt.

It was truly one of the most gloriously beautiful days on record. I didn't even need a jacket at the crack of 8:30am when I started puttering around in the garden plot out back. (Today wasn't too shabby, either, though taking into account the time change, I didn't emerge from bed til after 11am. I partly blame Kevin's bourbon and barbecue birthday bash last night for that one....)

What better way to celebrate the onset of spring and its requisite sun and warmth than by spending quality time in the garden? I also couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my new job as the outreach specialist for my local farmers' market. Yep, it's official, as of Thursday morning. (Okay, admittedly, the celebrating began with a couple of drinks at Wonderland on Thursday night.) Starting this week I'll be helping to organize outreach efforts and cooking demonstrations and even a bit of media around the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace.

[Don't worry, I still have my other... six jobs... and volunteer stuff... and writing... and I'm more than half way through the DC Master Gardening program. I'm still managing the garden at Drew Freeman, and will be helping the brand new Wangari Gardens get started in coming weeks, so in theory playing in my garden plot could be considered research...of the kind I love: involving my hands, dirt, plants, and lots of warm sunshine.]

See those carrots? Those are the ones that self-seeded last year after I let a couple of intentional-but-underwhelming carrots go to flower, and though small they are pretty tasty. I removed them to make space for some parsnips and spring onions and snap peas. (If you're wondering about their ultimate fate, most ended up in a variation of my favorite lentil soup, a pot of which I cooked up tonight and will be devouring in coming days. Want some? Stop by for dinner tomorrow.) Beets and chard will be in the next little planting section over. Radishes, too -- see how far I've come? -- to help break up the soil. Garlic's still looking good, and I'm looking forward to some garlic scapes in the next month or so. The strawberries and parsley and cutting celery seem to be doing well in the coldframe. And once I get my soil test results back for the other small plot of dirt out back, I have grand plans for tomatoes and herbs. Yes, a girl could used to this weather. And you'd better believe I can find other things to do in the garden with more of it. So bring on the sunshine!


  1. Yes, I would love to follow along with your planting. Started a garden last year and have small carrots as well. Was wondering when they're going to be 'done', but maybe they already are. Guess I'll go pull some.

    Spring onions and snap peas it is then!




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