Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Squeaky clean

When folks hear that I biked around the country, some get the misguided impression that I'm some sort of crackerjack bike mechanic. Those of you who have been following the blog for a little while probably know otherwise. This year, feeling a little bit extravagant, I decided to take Ollie in for her first professional tune-up. After all, she'd be a solid sidekick for close to six years now. She deserved a good deep cleaning of the drivetrain, new cables and housing, non-ratty bar tape and handlebar hoods. In short: the works. (Okay, maybe some of this extravagance was brought on by the fact that the bike shop was having a half-price winter service special, but my steady Ollie has needed some serious TLC for a little while now, as evidenced by the fraying brake cables, missing screws, and squeaking crankshaft.)

It'd been three weeks since I left my dear two-wheeled partner in the shop, and I must say that when I picked her up from The Bike Rack yesterday, she looked beautiful. Now let's see if that persistent squeak in the pedals remains....

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