Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get a j-o-b

Kudos to my friend Arkady for once again pointing me toward an amazing resource. No, not another installation of news articles on how amazing the sustainable food scene is in Detroit (though I am happy to read those), but rather a great, easily-navigable database of jobs for those interested in sustainable food.

How convenient: I've been looking for a job along those lines.

Most of you reading this probably already have some form of gainful employment, but in case you don't, or you're looking to take your involvement in the Great Food Reformation a step further than organic gardening and shopping at farmers' markets, check out Sustainable Food Jobs. (I am assuming that you have some interest in sustainable food if you're reading this blog... or maybe you are simply trolling for updates on the number of flat tires I'm up to. Still 17.) The blog lists not just farm worker openings -- though there are a number of these -- but also positions with education programs and nonprofits around the country.

See, I'm an open-source kind of girl, sharing recipes and ideas and resources as I come across them. But, hey, don't go taking my dream job.

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  1. I just read an article in the Nation about the US Social Forum that was held recently in Detroit. There's a really good section about food security in the city, I'll send it to you!


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