Monday, April 18, 2011

Greenhorns report

So this Saturday's urban farm bike tour that was so meticulously planned... was rained out. But the screening of The Greenhorns went rather well. Those who braved the storms were rewarded with a beautifully filmed documentary, piles of great, local food (and so much beer we didn't even break open the last keg), and great tunes. Hopefully this is the beginning of a Greenhorns MidAtlantic chapter. How cool would that be?

Of particular culinary note was the farm-themed parsnip cake with cream cheese frosting, complete with rows of veggies and even fences -- beat it, Bambi -- donated by the good folks at Buzz Bakery. How cute is this cake??

Thankfully chef Tiffany, the creative force behind the farm cake, remains unaware of my own cake decorating... experiments. Whew.

Anyhow, folks, I will let you all know when the urban farm bike tour is rescheduled. It may be a few weeks: getting five or six community garden groups to agree on a single date on which to hold workshops is a bit like herding cats. Very environmentally and socially conscious cats. Stay tuned. (Meow!)

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