Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Ollie's and my return to DC. What better way to mark the anniversary of my immersion into all things DC food than by devouring the first two ears of corn I've ever grown with my friend and fearless gardening pal, Mike! (Okay, maybe he's not entirely "fearless" -- he does lose a fair bit of sleep over fears that neighborhood rodents will abscond with the majority of our hard-earned produce. I about fell over laughing when he nearly burst a blood vessel while watching in horror as a horde of squirrels ran along the fenceline toting whole pears bigger than their heads in their mouths the other day. Wooh, that was a funny gardening day.) It's hard to get more local than a friend's back yard less than 2 miles from my apartment. And boy was it delicious.

In spite of my parents' concerns about this rather challenging and unpredictable life pursuit -- food education, that is -- it's been a good year overall. There have been some pretty extreme ups and downs in both personal and professional life with equal measures of triumph and heartbreak, but luckily I've managed to surround myself with lots of good food in the garden and on the table, and caring friends and family. And I'm working on a number of cool projects these days. Yes, in addition to perfecting my recipe for chocolate zucchini cake (coming soon...).

Anyhow, I just wanted to take a moment to mark the momentous occasion... of eating my first home grown corn. Here's hoping that this next year will provide lots of opportunities for (gainful) food education work. And lots more fresh, homegrown corn... Yum.

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