Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 garlic harvest

What did *you* do today? Me, I dropped off batches of info postcards for the Columbia Heights farmers market around town. (Speaking of which, if you are in town, CHCM is holding a bluegrass fundraiser at Acre 121 next week -- should be fun!) Then I had my regular drive out to pick up some local, grassfed beef, and return to the city to yap with food lovers about the best way to prepare their newly acquired steaks, roasts, and ribs -- part of my weekly gig managing White House Meats' CSA program.

But first things first: before I headed out for the day, there was garlic to harvest out back. And what an impressive and notably odorous harvest it was. Not too shabby, eh? Cousin Caroline would be proud. Now where to hang them to cure...?

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