Saturday, June 2, 2012

In the bag

What do you do on a Friday night? Me, I hang out on the back patio drinking beer with my dad and screenprinting market bags with the CHCM logo. (For awhile I was convinced that I was destined to become the crazy neighborhood cat lady one day. Nope. I'm destined to be a bag lady. They are nice bags....)

A couple of boxes of colorful market bags had been donated by our local credit union -- who, incidentally, will be raffling off filled market bags at the market next weekend -- and all I needed was to find someone to silkscreen our logo on them.... Do you know how difficult it is to find a screenprinter in this town willing to work on something that isn't a t-shirt?

Do you know that my dad used to silkscreen all of our Christmas cards when I was growing up? Ah! As I was relaying my conundrum to good old dad over the phone, he volunteered to pick up some paints and come for a visit. "No problemo, see you Friday." My dad, he's a problem solver.

We only cranked out about 60 of them before it got dark. (Or, more accurately, before we started to get hungry. Okay, fine, before I started to get hungry.) It was actually pretty fun father-daughter bonding time, and we ate well, of course. A little local, grassfed beef on the grill and some fresh asparagus from the farmers' market -- not too shabby. I'm actually looking forward to round two of screenprinting some weekend soon. Hold on, let me check my social calendar... mmm hmm... mmm hmm... Friday night? What do you know, my schedule's wide open.

But seriously, don't you want one of these? I mean, they're very stylish, and talk about locally made: they were printed about 4 blocks from the farmers' market! Come see me at the market some Saturday soon, I'll see what I can do. ("For you? Just $2....")

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