Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'll be patching you in all the old, familiar places

And here we are again on the side of the road.

After a fantastic lesson on bright orange and leafy green vegetables with 3rd graders at Watkins Elementary, just moments ago Ollie and I were on our way to the store to pick up ingredients for tomorrow's health fair cooking demonstration (for 200 preschoolers!) when I heard a quick pop and that old, familiar hissing sound.

At least FOR ONCE it is a beautiful sunny day, and the flat happened just alongside a lovely park with lots of autumn foliage and vacant benches here in Northeast DC.

Ah, yes, not so bad after all. (And I'm sure I'll enjoy the cheese samples at Whole Foods with the subtle metallic flavor of bike grease. "Yes, it really complements the saltiness of the parmesan....")

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