Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Creme de la creme

This year's belated birthday dinner fell on Three Kings Day, so we decided to celebrate Three Kings and Two Queens day at my parents' place. It was my favorite kind of meal, featuring lots of good food and some of my favorite people on the planet. Dad was on pickle and prosecco detail, mom made the lasagne, Kenton and I worked on the salad, and, after a post-dinner stroll, my little brother brought out the creme brulee. Not a bad meal, I would say. (For the record, I'd pick custard over King's Cake any day.)

It was a great celebration, and I departed with a fully belly, a happy heart, some fun gifts, and half a pan of leftover lasagne.

p.s.- Turns out it's a lasagne-themed week, as I'll be making spinach and mushroom lasagne with students at Brainfood -- the creme de la creme of food-focused youth development programs in the District -- tonight and tomorrow night. More on my new gig with Brainfood in coming weeks!

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