Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cross Pollan Nation

This morning, sitting in my pjs at my friend Barry's in Oakland and having a leisurely breakfast of leftover stirfry, I had a chance to catch up on the news... of the Daily Show variety. (What did you expect, FOX News?) I had a chance to catch the Jon Stewart and Michael Pollan interview, which I'd been anticipating since I heard about it a month ago. It was like the cocktail hour before my fantasy dinner party. (Well, maybe the two would have been holding Death's Door martinis at my place.) Anyway, it's worth a watch. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one linking food and health care reform....

Okay, it's true, Mr. Pollan has connected the dots between the two more often, more eloquently, and prior to my own series of rants. And perhaps he is a bit less... what would my mom say... evangelical? (He's darn convincing, though.) I'm not sure I need to read his latest book, a collection of 64 food rules -- mostly because I probably already follow them, but perhaps partly because I inherently don't like reading rules (as you might guess by my blatant disregard for the "not mixing black and brown" fashion guideline) -- but because it is written by such an articulate deep thinker, it may warrant a quick skim at a local book shop. Maybe on my way through Berkeley this afternoon. OMG, Berkeley! Where Mr. Pollan teaches! Chances are slim that I'd run into him, partly because he's likely on a book tour, what with this latest publication, but also because I'm entirely too shy to introduce myself even if I did encounter the man who in many ways inspired my bikeable feast. What if I spot him walking down the street here at the headquarters of Pollan Nation?? What to wear? What to wear? Something that won't show stains in case I faint and spill my caramel latte if I bump into Mr. Pollan in a coffee shop. Maybe something brown and black....

(Props to Sheffy for inspiring the title of this post.)


  1. I was hoping you saw the Daily Show on Monday. (Nice title for your blog post, btw)

  2. Berkeley! So are you going to visit/pay tribute to Chez Panisse? The start of it all, they say... Tell Alice hi.

  3. Good work on the title Sheffy (and I suppose good work Ibti for biking all over the place!)

  4. ahhh, the famous Barry leftover stirfry! Glad it's working out. I fly in on Tuesday late afternoon. Let me know where you are so we can connect!


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