Monday, February 20, 2012

Making space

Are these gorgeous, or what?


This past week, I harvested turnips from my coldframe -- the first real, non-parsley-trimming harvest of the season -- and boy were they delicious. The turnips themselves were quickly sliced and tossed into my favorite jar of pickling solution in the fridge, and the greens made a special appearance with some goat cheese atop big bowls of beet risotto. Boy were those greens good, so fresh and fuzzy and spicy.... Mmmm....

You may notice that there are some little baby strawberry plants in the coldframe. (That sad looking cutting celery in the planter? Pay it no mind, we're not on speaking terms right now.) In fact, I had to pick my winter hardy turnips to make space for the little berry cuttings that I'd harvested with Sarah while we were thinning her strawberry patch over at Walker Jones Farm on Tuesday afternoon -- thanks, Sarah! Talk about a generous farmer:

Yes, strawberries. And you know what that means: warm weather is on the way... eventually. I had to wrap some burlap blankets around the little guys on Saturday night, but the leaves were looking pretty good this afternoon when I came back from helping some friends build a greenhouse. These little plants'll be hiding out from the overnight freezes until they get transplanted at Drew Freeman middle school next week... Stay tuned for how that goes....

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  1. I can attest... the turnip greens were delicious! - Ryan


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