Friday, March 23, 2012

Still leaking after all these years

This week marked Ollie's and my 3-year anniversary! Yes, it's true: my longest, most stable relationship thus far has been with a bicycle. C'est la vie.

I marked the occasion -- I thought quite fittingly -- by visiting a local farm with my friend Jon, who invited me to tag along on his visit to High View Farm out in Berryville, VA for a White House Meats pickup. I myself picked up a beautiful, 7-lb bird (already processed, thank you) and a dozen eggs from Farmer Craig. Well, after we cavorted with his hens and Scottish Highland calf out in the pasture.

Ollie was not with me, and apparently decided that she had her own way to mark the occasion: a string of 3 flat tires this week. Just like old times....

Still Leaking After All These Years 

I heard that old air hissing
On my ride today –
It seemed nearly impossible
so soon!
But I checked and, sure enough,
There was a pinch in Ollie’s rear –
She's still leaking after all these years.
Oh, still leaking after all these years.

I’m not the kind of girl
Who tends to curse too much,
but my tires seem to deflate
quite a lot.
Yes, I always have a patch kit
So that we can persevere
When she’s leaking after all these years.
Oh, still leaking after all these years.

Three flats since Tuesday
(It’s hardly news today) –
I’m covered in grease again.
I pumped the tires
To the max
(It’s probably in vain….)

Now I sit by my Ollie
And I flip her right side up
I fear my pump will break
One day soon.
But to heck with it, it’s time for
Me to have a couple beers
With my Ollie, leaking all these years.
Oh, still leaking…
Still leaking…
Still leaking after all these years.


  1. Ibti the poet! I love the first pic - cherry blossoms! And actually the last too. Has anyone told you that you have really long fingers (or maybe really small palms)? Maybe the grease makes a visual illusion.

  2. Yes, I have oddly long fingers. Good for playing piano back in middle school. And changing flat tires, apparently.... Sheesh.


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