Saturday, July 26, 2014

Don't judge a book by its cover

Riding back from working at the Tyler garden this afternoon, I was sitting at a stoplight on Pennsylvania Ave when all of a sudden two rather gangsta looking guys sauntered past me in the crosswalk. The one all tatted up and carrying a length of pipe suddenly looked over at me. I froze. Then smiled nervously. (When is this damn light going to change??)

He turned to his friend, then looked back at me. His face broke into one of the sunniest smiles I've ever seen as he said, "Those are some beautiful roses, miss. You should get them in water soon."

Oh. Yes. The zinnias in my pannier. Thank you. (Exhale.)

The light changed and I found myself  smiling the whole ride home. This would not happen if I were in a car. Human interaction: another reason to be out there on a bicycle.

In other news, it seems the "sweet" peppers I transplanted earlier this summer at the garden are actually (spicy) serranos. Oh well. All the better for making some peach salsa back at the homestead while I admire my "roses" in their vase....

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