Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snail mail is the best

I love surprises. And snail mail. But the best are surprises that come IN the mail. And one of the best surprises of all came in MY mail just a few days ago...

Yes! As temperatures have dropped this past week, a set of brand new lobster claw bike gloves arrived. They're a belated birthday gift from my best friend Becky, just in time for the below freezing morning bike commutes.

I 'm not going to lie: I was more than a little afraid to wear my new winter bike gloves. I have a bit of a track record of losing them, you know. Luckily, Becky thought of that, too. She's such a mom. THIS set of gloves came with some little accessories:

So what if those clips are usually used by moms of 7-year-olds to keep mittens from getting left on the playground? They work!

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