Thursday, January 21, 2016

Well stocked

The bike lanes are already icy and unridable after a mere inch of snow last night, so Ollie's hanging out in my living room making friends with the houseplants. The DC government has preemptively decided to close schools tomorrow. Metro has announced that no trains will run this weekend, and only limited buses, due to what weather reporters are calling a "historic" blizzard heading our way.
Am I worried? Not a bit (though it may mean I'll have to skip my usual weekend dancing, which is a bummer).

I'm well stocked here, though, with a freezerful of various soup bases (veg, chicken, shrimp, and fixins to make more), along with veggies and other goodies to toss into simmering pots. There's plenty of (semi-carbonated) homebrew on hand, and odds and ends to make cocktails. I've stockpiled some Netflix to watch and sci-fi to read. The Australian Open is on. I've just put my fuzzy flannel sheets on the bed and broken out my favorite sweatshirt. Ahhh.

Yes, I am *ready* for this blizzard.

What I want to know is: when are they holding the big snowball fight in Dupont Circle? (Maybe that's when my fortune cookie prediction will come true. He'd better not clock me in the face with an icy snowball is all I can say.)

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