Friday, September 11, 2009

WHAT is the average velocity of an unladen Surly?

(Is that an African or European Surly, you ask? In fact, Ollie's from Minnesota -- I thought you could tell from the accent. Don't ya know.)

I know Ollie's weight keeps coming up in conversation -- for awhile there I was concerned she'd develop pannierexia, but she seems to be immune to the stares she gets on bike trails and from kids waiting at bus stops as we cruise past. We're still loaded up, but at least we'll be where states are flat for the next few weeks. (Not pretend flat like that poser state, Ohio. I mean actually flat.) If the headwind ever gives us a break, we should be cruising along at a decent clip for a bit.

I've been playing with numbers again and thought I'd toss out a few stats for the numeraphiles out there. (You were going to look that up, weren't you? It's not a word...yet.)

3: average number of times each day that someone asks me how much my bike weighs

1800: miles biked so far

2000: number of visitors to the blog (!)

4: flat tires since departing DC (not too shabby, all things considered)

14: average miles per hour on an unladen Ollie (When I'm hoofing it, say, trying to get across town to Growing Power, it's closer to 18; meandering around is about 11. Fully loaded runs around 10 and involves a significantly higher heart rate and more frequent snack breaks.)

3: number of times I've been confused about exactly which time zone I'm in

8: varieties of cheese I have consumed over the course of today (Hey, it is Wisconsin, land of dairy. Between parmesan on my leftover pasta for breakfast, wine and cheese by the pool at Julie's in the late afternoon, and an irresistible assortment of local cheeses at the Wisconsin Foodie release party that Martha invited me to this evening, I wouldn't be surprised if I started mooing in my sleep.)

And finally, 0: number of times I've regretted my decision to embark on the bikeable feast

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  1. we are so proud of you. jess and i are reading your tallies and we are so impressed.

    you kick ass.

    bobby & jess

  2. Great job on the miles! FWIW, most people riding one way cross country usually go from west to east so the prevailing winds will be at their back. Not sure if you're riding back east eventually, but you can look forward to tailwinds mostly!

    Keep it up.

  3. Bobby and Jess, thanks for the encouragement! And, Bobby, you'll be glad to know that your donation earmarked as "for beer only" was utilized on a couple pints of local red ale in Chicago recently.

    Sean, I'm looking forward to a bit of tailwind when I start heading east...probably some time in February.

  4. Ibti you're doing an amazing thing,, I still look forward to reading your comments of where you've been and where you're at,, can't believe you've gotten to Wisconsin already,, ok i take that back,, I believe :)

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  6. Hey woman, i just started reading your blog. i have decided to start from the beginning. I will need a few days to catch-up to your present.


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