Monday, May 25, 2009

Had we but world enough and thyme

The long weekend in Mechanicsburg has been great: nice people, good food, tons of learning, beautiful weather, a bit of time working in the garden each day. After an extended afternoon in the sun at a barbecue the other day, Susanna and I decided to tackle some pruning and weeding in one of the gardens. I was getting a little slap happy, as you may guess from the photo:

There was no alcohol at the barbecue. No, really, it was the sun. I think Susanna noticed I was getting a little loopy, so after my toy truck escapades wound down she assigned me to designing a new portion of the tea garden, which emerged as something of a recycled kitchen garden with a number of different varieties of basil, with food-related equipment as planters:

Pretty fun. And it reminded me of my dad, the pesto maestro of the family, who would perhaps shed a tear of joy at the basilicious* possibilities here.

So aside from gardening, I've been preparing for the next leg of my trip: making calls, mapping out bike routes, locating state parks, rearranging my gear. I'm heading to the next destination in a couple of days and was just going through my stuff to determine if there is anything -- ANYTHING! -- that I can mail home. Or donate. Or somehow otherwise remove from the pile of accoutrement that weighs more than I do and that I am dragging around on poor Ollie. (She's a trooper, but still, a few pounds off would be nice, especially since I have another week or two of Pennsylvania hills to traverse before I get to New York.) My digital camera stopped working a few days ago, so now I'm down to the blackberry camera. That should shave off, what, 7 or 8 ounces? Maybe one of the sweaters can go. That's another, say, 8 ounces. There! A pound! Ha ha -- victory! Now my ride will only weigh... well, I haven't actually weighed Ollie loaded, but I can't lift her.

There must be a way to consolidate. I'm still not tossing the (as yet unused) dancing shoes. Or spare tire tubes. I can't possibly scrap the small saute pan or cutting board. Hmmm. Hmmm.... How about this little bit of genius: an herbal first-aid kit! I could combine my spices with my medical kit. Eh? Eh? I'll keep the space blanket, though. Just in case my Halloween costume idea falls through and I need a cape....
*Oooh, another new word. How long until the OED has me on speed dial?

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