Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay, seriously: I think the longest stretch of flat road along the 35 miles from Steve's apartment in Pittsburgh to Maggie's Mercantile organic farm was 50 feet. No joke. (I don't kid about such things.) Also, PA-30 is not a road I would recommend for cyclists for reasons other than the constant hill action (hopped up truckers with clear psychological issues and obnoxious soccer moms in minivans on their cell phones). PA-819, on the other hand, had nice motorists but poor signage and unforgiving hills.

I've been playing around with some numbers -- mostly as a way to distract myself from the lactic acid build up in my hamstrings on hills #14-37 yesterday -- and thought I'd share a few stats.

Since starting the official Bikeable Feast on 26 April:

- 335 miles biked
- 14 hills totally or partially walked hauling Ollie + accessories
- 3 flat tires
- 1 ditch dive
- 1 bike computer + 3 fender parts lost (in ditch)
- 3 slow motion crashes directly attributable to clipless pedals
- 15 phone conversations with my parents (not mentioning crashes)
- 3 straight days of motown on the mental mp3 player

Also, I just checked the site stats and since mid-February (when I installed Google Analytics) and there have been over 800 unique visitors to the blog! Whoah. I mean, mom and dad, you guys must be working hard to create so many fake identities to log in with. Or maybe the word is spreading.... :)

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  1. Checking analytics from the road! Rock on! BTW, keep your rpms up to help keep the lactic acid at bay. Should probably keep it above 80.

    Great job.

  2. That is some serious mileage - hope you're blessed with some flat roads soon. :)

  3. I should have thought to warn you. My home and my college are both on Route 30. Lovely to drive, but probably not so much to bike.


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