Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Play with your food

I am obsessed with food, I admit it. Every so often I come across someone else who can talk about what they're making for dinner as they're eating lunch. My dad. My best friend Felicity. My friend Mark in Burlington. Occasionally there is someone with an interest as much in food enjoyment as in food justice, like my friend Martha in Milwaukee. And then, so very rarely, I come across someone who includes all of the above qualities and who inspires me by coming up with a novel way to educate about the importance, and the joy, of a healthy, active life. Chef David Leathers is one of those people. In fact, I think I am in love with his life. (I like my own pretty well these days, but still.)

I first met David on Will's farm in Tupelo, MS as we prepared for a farm dinner. Here's a pic of David and Will assembling the delicious salad course early on in the evening. (Photo courtesy of Aaron, my personal paparazzi for two weeks.) It was pretty busy all night, so I was glad for a chance to talk with the inspiring chef a few nights later at a smaller, informal dinner gathering in town. It was over some rosemary and goat cheese focaccia and a few beers that I got the scoop on a kids TV series David is filming for PBS....

It's called "I Play With My Food" (David's catchphrase) and I can't wait for when it comes on the air. The show sounds like Sesame Street meets Julia Child, with cooking demonstrations interspersed with singing, dancing, and mini lessons on topics from nutrition to recycling to the importance of exercise. In addition to David and a bevy of kiddos, the show has its own band, The Paisley Pickles, and a muppet-type worm who lives in the set's compost bin. What fun!

(Since I don't have a working TV at home, I'm going to have to cajole my way into friends' homes to watch a few episodes. I'm happy to cook in exchange for TV access -- remember LOST? Mitch, back me up here....)

I love everything about the series that's geared toward 4-7-year-olds. What a fun way to teach kids about healthy living, reaching them at their most impressionable. Maybe I can make a guest appearance on the show one day as The Tire Iron Chef, teaching kids how to make healthy, tasty meals with things they can bring on a camping trip. Meals one can make in the time it takes to change a bike tire. Or something. (I wouldn't necessarily recommend that they carry 25 spices and a chef's knife -- I can tone it down a bit -- but I could tote things there in Ollie's panniers.)

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  1. No cajoling needed. You have tv access at my house at anytime - all Vincent cooking will be gratefully accepted.


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