Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who gave that jerk a license?

Greetings from Alabama, land of the most reckless drivers in the country. Maybe in the world. Keep in mind that I lived in Kuwait, where it was not uncommon to see a car in a tree near the highway exit ramp.

Ollie has noted an uptick in muttered profanity in direct proportion to the number of vehicles trying to run us off the road. To channel some of the frustration, since it appears I can't report these jerks with no rear license plates, I think it's time for a few more rewritten license plate slogans from the past few states....

Texas: Are we there yet?

Louisiana: Where the stimulus money is clearly not being spent on road repair

Mississippi: When did the hills start?

Alabama: Our truckers make Massachusetts drivers look like boyscouts

Onward into Georgia, where at last we will be heading north in earnest! And I do believe we'll be there for the start of peach season. Lovely.

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  1. Have you been to Tennessee? Land of delta, then valley, then big huge Smokey Mountains with drivers who make something as simple as a right hand turn an exercise in self-preservation?


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