Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow day!

Remember when you used to do snow dances as a little kid? Oh, who am I kidding, I still do them. And apparently I've still got it: I woke up this morning to maybe 6 inches blanketing the neighborhood, with delightful snowglobe flakes still swirling about. The perfect flakes for catching on my tongue and making snowballs. No biking today. And I needed something to get me moving around before hunkering down to (finally) do my taxes. I patted Sheldon on the handlebars, pulled on my outrageously bright magenta snow pants, and sprinted outside. My neighbor, Henry, came out for a few minutes to drop off some compost scraps and help me pile up some snow for the base of my winter masterpiece, what I envisioned as a tribute to FDR. (He's on my mind a lot these days, what with the nature of many of our president's new proposed programs reminiscent of the New Deal in general, and the Civilian Community Corps in particular.) So I got to work, incorporating some of the most recent compost contributions into the evolving sculpture. In the end, he wound up looking a lot more like Teddy Roosevelt -- I think it was the banana peel mustache -- but I'm okay with that. Sometimes the art controls the artist, what can I say.

Okay, now time to do my taxes. Well, maybe after a snack....


  1. Hi Ibti, thanks for inviting me to help out with the snowman. I would have never thought the lime composting scraps would have a second life as the eyes of "Mr. Teddy".

  2. what a brilliant tribute to fdr, not to mention an innovative way to use compost!


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