Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the winner is...

You know that sensation when something just feels right? I had one of those moments earlier this evening while riding my bike back from work. Ben, from the bike shop, was heading in my general direction so offered to ride back together. It was another gorgeous night in the District and near the end of the ride we passed by the reservoir near Howard University. We were chatting away as we rode up the gentle slope and Ben was telling me about his time on the West Coast, how he'd fallen in love with Olympia when he'd gone to visit the university there. And then it hit me: Olympia! Classy. Strong. Regal. Done. (I'm also excited about the nicknames. Ollie fits pretty well. I'm hoping to avoid Limpy, though her tires are feeling kind of squishy yet again, despite my having pumped them to 80 before leaving the shop.)

So, Ben, the postcard is yours. Heck, I like the name so much I may just send you a second postcard... from Olympia. (The next contest may be a wager on the number of flat tires I'll get between here and there.)

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