Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Underwater bicycling

Sounds like an elective a Philosophy major might've taken in college, no?

It was just a 1-mile ride home from my afternoon meeting at Busboys & Poets, but it took me nearly 15 minutes: straight uphill in gale force headwinds and flooded gutters, with a veritable caravan of metrobuses swerving into the bike lane (well, that last part is standard). That would be the storm mentioned during the weather report this morning, just before I stepped outside into the scaldingly sunny 100-degree day and scoffed, "Rainstorm? Ha!"

Ha, indeed.

Refreshing though the pounding rain was, stinging my arms and soaking me to the bone in less than 5 seconds, I am glad to be out of it. I just am finally dried out enough to venture near electronic devices; Ollie's still dripping over by the door.

I hope this little break in the rain holds long enough for us to get to Gail's place for dinner. I think I'll wear my scuba socks just in case....

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