Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet the ABF team

I feel as though I have neglected to mention the amazing friends and relatives that have provided the much-needed help and encouragement along this agricultural/culinary journey thus far. Forgive me. It is time that I take a moment to acknowledge a few of the key folks on the Bikeable Feast team (MVPs, if you will):

Tech Support



Bike Gurus



Moral Support

Mom and dad




There are many, many others of you who have brightened up my days (especially on those grumpy ones that involved flat tires -- grrr) and offered all manner of ideas and support along the way. Keep it coming: it's a long road ahead.

If you're not listed here, it just means you're among the lucky ones who won't be getting calls from me at whatever ungodly hour as I pant, frantically, breathlessly, "For the love of humanity, how the [insert mild expletive here] do you replace a spoke on the rear wheel??" or "Friggin' GPS is out again, can you tell me how to get to the nearest gas station so I can get some emergency granola bars?"

So: thank you!

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  1. I met you at Shelly's baby shower -- I'm the one who was woefully untalented in the art department, but thanks to you I was at least able to color in a couple of things to contribute. And thanks for making my smiling duck look more like a duck.

    I hope your trip goes great! I'll be eagerly reading your blog to see how it all goes.


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