Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, for the love of.... Again??

Ollie, apparently, is a fan of April Fools Day. I woke up this morning to... another flat tire.

She's smirking right now. Look at the faux innocent curve of those brake lines.

And I think Sheldon is trying to stifle a grin. I may have to separate those two.

This time I think I got the tire off, hole found, tube patched, tire refitted and pumped up (to the right pressure this time), and everything back on the bike in record time. Under 10 minutes. Woo hoo! I'm getting pretty good at this. How's that for making lemonade? Bring on the lemons. (It has occurred to me that I would rather not have so much experience with tire fixing that I become good at it.)

Now I'm wondering if I should have a mini pool for those interested in betting on the number of flats I get before I leave on my trip. If you count both Sheldon and Ollie, I'm up to 5 so far....


  1. Are you finding the cause of the flats? Any commonalities?


  2. The culprit seems to be my shoddy pump -- I've been getting less air in the tires than needed.

    Or perhaps I need an exorcist -- suggestion from my mom.

  3. Oh, but it gets worse. TODAY I had ANOTHER flat tire. This time it was a hunk of glass (rather than my tire underinflation) that left me stranded in NE and late for work. Humph. Can I just do a redo on today? (I though blogging about it would be more cathartic than it actually was, but if you're interested, I posted some thoughts on today's adventures on my other blog: Oy.

  4. dude, i hope you did an on the spot patch and go. it took jordan 15 min to patch and refit her tube.


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