Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Bikeable Fiesta (Happy Hour Edition)

So, I realize that there are a lot of folks I have managed to have over for dinner, go on a ride around town with, meet with for a beer or a pot of tea in recent weeks. And yet, somehow there are a number of people who I worry I may not see again before I head out on the C&O trail on the 26th. Some of you will be joining me on the first leg of the trip to Great Falls, but too many others are not bikers, will be out of town, don't have a bike....

Thus: Come and bid farewell to Ollie and Ibti over a pint of good beer at one of our favorite neighborhood watering holes!

Meet at the Wonderland Ballroom for happy hour on Thursday, April 23rd. (Right on the corner of 11th and Kenyon, just a few blocks from the Columbia Heights metro.)

The happy hour special ($2 off all draft beer and a few other goodies, including $6 Delirium Tremens) runs from 5-8pm. I will likely be there well past 8pm, but the cheaper beer may not be. There's food, too, including some veggie options, so not having eaten after work is no excuse. (I'm talking to you, Jeanne.)

I'll also be handing out limited edition "Cookmarks" -- ABF bookmarks with illustrations by my dad and original recipes designed by me and tested in the capable kitchen of my friend Beth in North Dakota -- to any who care to make a donation to ABF. (I'll be mailing out cookmarks to those of you who have been so kind as to donate online already -- thank you!)


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