Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mitch was kind enough to join me for today's trial run to Baltimore. Ollie was in great form for the first 8 miles. Then there was the blowout. Mitch named it: Ocho. Yep, number eight. On the new rear tire. Oddly, the tire remains in tact. I am starting to wonder if I got a little pump happy and *overinflated.* Hmmm. No other major incidents to report other than the general lack of bathrooms along the way. (I may not have camped much, but I know how to pee in the woods.)

So, yes, Baltimore: city of the Orioles, the most obnoxious drivers ever (those guys on Washington Blvd make DC cabbies look like girlscouts), and some of the best coconut sorbet ever (E61 beckoned to me like a lighthouse amid the rising hunger storm, and after I scarfed a cone the owners filled me in on a few of the local farmers markets tomorrow - score!).

Tomorrow looks to be gorgeous as well. I think I'll see how Ollie and I feel in the morning to see if we'll bike back tomorrow or rest a day....
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  1. Nice mobile post. How many blow outs have you had? Maybe you need a counter on your blog to track them.

  2. Yeah. That sounds more useful than a traditional bike computer which would only track how ridiculously slow I am with the bike loaded up....

  3. Are you pumping the tires to the recommended PSI? Low pressure can lead to pincher flats. Also, make sure that your bead and tube are seated properly- if they aren't the rim pressure on the tube will lead to flats.

    Snakebites (two holes right next to each other) are a sign of pincher flats.


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